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What it is:A range of SEPHORA COLLECTION face masks enriched with star ingredients and available in ... المزيد من المعلومات

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    What it is:
    A range of SEPHORA COLLECTION face masks enriched with star ingredients and available in 6 surprising and foodie textures deliciously scented! Effective in just a few minutes, these addictive masks look great in photos for a fun and unique beauty experience.

    What they do:

    A complete range to suit your skin's needs as well as your mood:

    Hemp mousse mask:
    Formulated with hemp extract from natural origin, which tightens pores, absorbs excess sebum and reduces the appearance of blemishes for a clear and mattified complexion.

    Peppermint gum mask:
    An ultra-refreshing bubble gum texture that instantly tones your skin, leaving it like firmer and plumped up.

    Grapefruit peeling mask:
    A jelly with grapefruit extract from natural origin for an instant face peeling effect to brighten and smooth your skin, leaving your complexion radiant and more even.

    Oat muesli mask:
    A luxurious texture, enriched with cereals, to nourish and soothe your skin, leaving it feeling instantly supple and more comfortable.

    Açaí smoothie mask:
    A compote texture that acts like a shield against pollutants and external aggressions for protected and radiant-looking skin.

    Banana cream mask:
    A creamy butter texture that intensely nourishes your skin to relieve tightness and protect it against dryness.

    Dermatologically tested.

    Points of difference:

    - Colorful and gourmet textures for beauty selfies you can share #SEPHORACOLLECTION!

    - A wide range to mix up the fun according to your skin’s needs and your mood.

    - Visible skin results in just a few minutes!

    Dare to take face mask selfies with these infinitely instagrammable mask #SEPHORACOLLECTION!

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    Matrice Sephora Collection""
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