Clinique's foundations

Expert colors and foundations tailored to your concerns, your skin type and tone. More than foundations, targeted skincare products and all the expertise of Clinique at the service of your skin.

Clinique's foundations, your best beauty friend


Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Foundation

170 AED
CN 70 Vanilla - 30ml
11 available shades

Even Better Makeup SPF 15 Foundation

From: 170 AED
CN 0.5 Shell - 30 ml
21 available shades

Chubby Foundation Stick

153 AED
Voluptuous Vanilla
4 available shades

Even Better Glow Foundation

170 AED
WN 04 Bone - 30ml
12 available shades

Even Better Refresh Foundation

187 AED
CN 28 Ivory - 30ml
6 available shades

Instant fresh complexion

Place a drop of Moisture Surge Concentré on the back of the hand. Mix with the suited foundation using a mixed fiber brush. Using the same brush, apply the mix to your face in light touches.

A glowy and natural complexion

Even Better Glow contains light-reflecting pigments that instantaneously brightens the skin and blurs imperfections. For an ultra-natural result, apply a pearl-sized drop on the sides of the nose, the middle of the forehead and the chin, then stretch outwards. Want a progressive and customized cover? Wear fine layers until you obtain the perfect cover.