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At BECCA we are the Experts in the Beauty of Light! BECCA believes that every woman is an original with her own story. We don’t rework originals. We just turn the lights up, so everyone can bask in their brilliance. BECCA connects to every woman authentically by offering a range of products designed to define your individual beauty and share your light. We don’t preach how every product must be worn. The BECCA woman is an individual and no two are exactly alike. Beauty is each woman’s to define. We are The Authority on shade in complexion and colour. Our years of research have made us experts in shade development. Our approach is inclusive and simple. Our shades cover the fairest to the deepest skin tones. A 50/50 philosophy ensures that our shade ranges are always balanced in all our complexion products. At BECCA, we are the Pioneers of Highlight. We use light as our inspiration and light is at the very heart of every new product we develop. We know when to turn the lights up and when to turn them down. Light makes us look youthful, blurs our imperfections, sculpts our features, and makes us glow. We use light to highlight the features we love. Light is the essence of beauty.

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