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Skincare Expertise

Dior Natural Active Ingredients

Dior Science relies on the benefits of precious plant active ingredients with exceptional properties. These active ingredients originate from the Dior Gardens, guaranteeing traceability, respect and performance. The potential of these active ingredients is identified through ultra-precise molecular analysis methods using advanced technology.  Their properties are then preserved and enhanced by innovative extraction methods clean and non-polluting.

Dior Science

For more than 40 years, the Dior Science researchers have been examining the skin's reactions to better understand its complex mechanisms. They have been investigating pioneer scientific avenues, including stem cells, inflamm’aging, cellular detoxification, Aquaporines and hydration.


Helios, A Mecca For Science
Today, there are 260 Dior Researchers who work at Hélios and are connected to a worldwide network of experts to create the most efficient skincare and invent the cosmetics of tomorrow.

Aic, Source of knowledge on Asian Skin
The House of Dior has founded 3 Dior Innovation Centers (in Japan, China and Korea) where researchers study the secrets of Asian skin and the effect of the climate and environment on its quality. .

Dior Ultra Sensoriality

Thanks to the unique know-how of its highly skilled formulators, the House of Dior shapes spectacularly effective skincare that delights the senses like no other. Application techniques and massages inspired by the Dior Institut complement the effectiveness and sensoriality of this skincare.

Skincare Expertise Image
Skincare Expertise Image Skincare Expertise Image

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