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    Go for a complete, ferociously stylish make-up look with this set of 3 dual-ended brushes to help you achieve a whole range of different make-up looks!

    Kit contains 3 dual-ended brushes:
    -1 dual-ended complexion brush to apply all types of cheek make-up and powder
    -1 dual-ended eye make-up brush to apply eye-shadow and eyeliner
    -1 dual-ended eyebrow brush for beautifully made-up brows

    How do I use it?
    Use the complexion brush to apply:
    - Powder
    - Blusher
    1. Use the powder end to take some powder and apply it in broad circular sweeps, going from the middle of the face to the edges.
    2. Use the blusher end to take some blusher and apply it to the cheekbones, smudging it in towards the temples.

    Use the eye make-up brush to apply:
    - Eye-shadow
    - Gel eyeliner or moistened eye-shadow
    1. Use the eye-shadow end to lightly pat the eye-shadow on, coloring the whole upper eyelid.
    2. Use the eyeliner end to take some gel eyeliner or moistened eye-shadow to draw a line along the upper lashline.

    Use the eyebrow brush to apply:
    - Eyebrow powder
    1. Use the brush end to groom brows and smooth them upwards.
    2. Use the spoolie end to fill in sparser areas and redefine brows.
    3. Now groom the brows again with the brush end.

    -3 brushes to help you achieve a complete makeup look (face, eyes and eyebrows)
    -Perfect format to take them with you everywhere
    -Limited-edition ferociously stylish design

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