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Super Ingredients

The secret of beautiful skin is found in nature!
When combined with science, the results can be wonderful!
So stop beating around the bush and find your own garden of super ingredients, here at Sephora.
Charcoal, Rose, Ginseng ... Choice is yours: will you take care of your skin naturally?

- Pick Your Goal -

Charcoal: Purify

Acting as a magnet for dirt and excess sebum, charcoal absorbs 1000x its weight in impurities to help bring your skin back to its natural splendor.

An effective ingredient that draws out impurities, charcoal helps bring your skin back to its natural splendor.

Ginseng: Energize

For an ultra-fresh, wide-awake and healthy look, give your skin a boost with the nourishing, antioxidant benefits of ginseng.

Boost your skin with the antioxidant benefits of ginseng for an ultra-nourished, healthy look.

Coconut: Nourish

Packed with electrolytes and fatty acids, count on coconut water's nourishing powers for quenched skin and a complexion that's free from redness.

Packed with electrolytes and fatty acids, coconut water helps quench a dehydrated complexion.

Rose: Moisturize

Roses – in water, oil or essence form – provide a powerful remedy for many skin concerns. Revitalize your complexion with their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

A powerful remedy for many issues, the healing properties found in roses help revitalize your skin.

Fruits: Glow

Delivering protection from the elements, exfoliation and a brightening effect, the vitamins and minerals found in fruits will refresh your skin and improve its texure.

Give your complexion non-stop radiance and improve its texture with the vitamins and minerals found in fruits.

Tea: Protect

Rich in anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and pollutant-fighting qualities, tea offers a surprising range of protective and healing benefits for your skin.

Let the anti-inflammatory, detoxifying powers of tea work their magic on your skin.

Flowering Plants: Refresh

The power of plants lies within its invigorating properties that address a host of skin concerns, beauty needs and fight the early signs of aging.

Address a host of skin concerns and beauty needs with the invigorating properties of plants.

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