Clarins research discovers the secret of youth and for the very first time, Clarins Precious reactivates the longevity protein called FOXO cells. Clarins Precious is powered by the Moonlight Flower which blooms only one night a year, and contains a youth-promoting ingredient capable of reactivating skin’s longevity proteins. Once harvested, each flower is immediately frozen and then processed at -196° C using the Cryoextraction technology to extract and preserve its essence. Cryoextract of Moonlight Flower prevents and slows aging. A trio of peptides corrects and refines the skin. The result: Clarins’ Precious Skin Age-Delaying Technology.

Unique Sensoriality - Clarins
Unique Sensoriality
True luxury is time taken for oneself. Every Clarins Precious moment is precious and rare. At each application, it’s a revelation.
Rare Packaging - Clarins
Rare Packaging
Since luxury has an eternal dimension, and, preserving the planet is vital to us, we wanted to find a precious material that would symbolize all of the values that Clarins Precious holds dear. A high-flying challenge that was met by using this alloy, developed in Paris and used for the very first time in Clarins cosmetics. Luxurious, beautiful and brilliant… And, recyclable. For La Crème, it transforms into a golden, ergonomic pebble, as precious as a gem.