at dermalogica we don’t just blur it or minimize it, we treat it.

Discover our range of professional-grade products, scientifically formulated, using natural ingredients to target and address your unique skin concerns. We're committed to helping you achieve your healthiest skin ever.

Make up residue left on skin can clog pores and cause breakouts. Dermalogica's signature double cleansing routine washes off all your make up and leaves behind only cleaner, healthier skin. Precleanse oil starts by breaking down even your most waterproof make up. Then, the Special Cleansing Gel thoroughly washes off all residue, without stripping moisture.
DERMALOGICA why you need a powder exfoliant
Why you need a powder exfoliant
Powder exfoliants take your skin from good to glowing. They slough off dead skin to help smooth texture, even tone, and brighten your skin for a daily glow.
DERMALOGICA Professional-grade skin care
Professional-grade skin care
Learn why SPF is the most important part of your skin care routine and how to choose the best SPF for your skin + lifestyle.